Rhonda Overby

President & C.E.O / Camera Ready Inc.

“Having had the privilege of witnessing “experts” globally, I can say that Mitchel Groter is especially gifted. Not only does he prepare extensively for the company, organization, and individuals he is called to serve, Mitchel also brings a wealth of knowledge and exposure from which he is able to draw to customize each session in order to optimize the benefits of all involved. Mitchel’s talents extend beyond experience and preparation however, he also has the gift of intuition. He maintains astute presence such that he is able to alter his plan(s) spontaneously should the need arise in order to best serve in the moment. Many are not able to pivot in that manner. Their “spiel” is their spiel. Mitchel is a “next level” facilitator as a result. Mitchel is open, charming, knowledgeable across many disciplines, and adds value to any astute and fortunate enough to have him.”


Ambassador Stuart W. Holiday

President & CEO / Meridian International Center

“I have been in the YPO circle for a decade and have spend a lot of time with facilitators and resources. I must say that Mitchel is the most authentic and impactful of them.It is a hard task to wrangle CEOs and have them thank you for it. Mitchel is successful because he approaches his role from three vantage points — a mentor, a peer, and as a student of life.

Using a very perceptive and creative eye, Mitchel helped us get a tremendous amount of insight into our goals and each other. I was reminded of how special it is to have someone unburdened with preconceptions to point out the obvious and un-obvious opportunities we have if we let go and accept those gifts we are given.”


Roy Brittany Blacklidge

President / Blacklidge

“I had the opportunity to work with Mitchel when he facilitated forum training and discussions for a YPO Southern 7 South Mississippi Forum. Mitchel was very involved before and during the retreat. He spent considerable time up front with forum members to know our individual and group goals related to the retreat and ensured all our objectives of the meeting were clearly aligned. The forum members and I believe this process drove the effectiveness of the retreat to a very high level, ultimately taking our forum to a higher level of trust. I found during this entire process he was on-schedule, courteous, detailed orientated and displayed a high level of professionalism as he went above and beyond to facilitate to our group.

During the meeting, he successfully utilized his strong facilitation skills to navigate through a series of challenging personal and professional discussions and achieved outstanding admiration from all members of the forum. I was very impressed with his time management skills as he kept us on task throughout the day, helping us achieve our group objectives. All of those in attendance were in complete agreement that our meeting was very positive, productive and effective due to Mitchel’s engagement and involvement.”


Maxine Phillips

VP International Business / Phillips Foods

“A natural tension exists between emotionally wrought presentations and sharing, and with adhering to a structured sequence and time managed meeting. Mitchel was able to strike that balance throughout the training. Our forum ended in 100% buy-in to using this new process as a foundational element to our forum presentations. The equanimity, professionalism, humility and humanity of his training style resulted in his being the most popular facilitator that we have experienced individually, and as a group. Mitchel has a couple of unique qualities that distinguish him from other commonly used facilitators we have encountered in chapter retreats over the years.”