Enne Michael, of Enne Michael Worldwide

“I quickly realized, what a powerful and effective system of support and personal development Mitchel provides. I’m kind of amazed by how much coaching with him has fast-tracked my progress and developed the kind of momentum that would have otherwise taken me months, if not years, to garner by myself. He helped me become much more centered in my integrity and helped me create a more well-balanced life.”

Walter H., Personal Development Retreat Attendee

“Mitchel proved himself as an inspiring, creative and effective facilitator during the personal development workshops he led at HSU this year. They were all constructive, open and positive. They were structured in a way that all of the attendees walked away with new insights and practical strategies to improve their leadership abilities and emotional intelligence.”

Matt, Personal Development Retreat Attendee

“Mitchel was inspiring and enthusiastic, with an ability to connect to each of us in a meaningful way. He was equally adept at coaching and facilitating and by the end of the session, Mitchel successfully brought us in touch with our individual motivations and values.”

Jim Girardi, of Forcewave, LLC

“Mitchel has a rare gift to see into you, guide you through your own journey, and support you by helping you see and think about things in new ways. He also has an uncanny ability to read people and thus he knows where to push and where to pull, encouraging you to see your own amazing potential. His years of experiences with various disciplines, backgrounds, philosophies, and methodologies make Mitchel a wealth of insight and knowledge, which he shares in a way tailored to your own learning style.”

Jonathan Katz

“I initially retained Mitchel to help a friend, which he did so well she now has her own business and is happier then ever. When I was laid off from work at age 50, I sought Mitchel’s help for myself.  Mitchel helped me look inside myself to understand the impetus behind my actions and behaviors. This set me on a path of self-discovery that has opened new horizons for me. I am now happier (and healthier) than I have ever been and looking forward to a career change and a future of continued discovery and fulfillment.”

Jolie Parcher, Founder of Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts

“My work with Mitchel is the most important investment I have made in my business. I now have detailed clarity as to what success really means to me. Such awareness means the choices I make about my time; money, hiring and the hours and tasks I take on are conscious and realistic steps into that success picture. The tools Mitchel has taught me have uncovered the tasks I used to dread to actually be the stepping-stones to my dreams. Our work together has been a real re-parenting of myself into a more capable and confidant and successful person in and out of business.”

Valerie Marvin, Esq., of Real Estate and Mediation Legal Practice

“My work with Mitchel has brought unexpected and surprising results. Mitchel helped me to understand that I could not be financially or professionally successful until I learned how to take care of myself and make time for my family and the things that nourish and delight me. Mitchel took me through a leadership process which has improved my understanding of myself and what I want for my family and myself and what I need to do to make things happen. In the past year, I have opened a new office, revitalized the office I already had, developed a support network and increased my income twofold. I have also learned to make time for my family and myself and use my time more effectively and productively.”

John Slater, Senior Sales Executive in Reston, VA

“My sales skills were good, but I lacked the confidence and self-esteem to negotiate large-ticket contracts and get the commissions I deserve. QAP trained me in consultative sales and gave me confidence. I increased my sales by 50% in one year.”

Adam Kranitz, Marketing Consultant in Arlington, VA

“Mitchel’s ability to see the whole picture, assess the underlying issues and develop a creative business solution focused on achieving important goals is one his greatest assets. He was a trusted partner in our business development efforts together at Henninger Media Services. Together, we opened up new revenue streams for the post production department. Never content to simply accept unsuccessful activities of the marketing department, with humor and grace he gently offered compelling suggestions for maximizing their effectiveness. His clear and thoughtful advice on sales and marketing always made my projects far more productive.”