3-Hour Workshops for Couples in Young Presidents Organization

You Can Increase Your Influence and Connection with Others by Showing Up as Your Best Self

We often strive to create healthy, satisfying and loving relationships. But sometimes, despite how much we may try, we struggle to create relationships that are mutually supportive and fulfilling. When this happens, there are several things we can do to learn how to increase our influence and connection to others. To be our best selves we need to develop a heightened awareness of our emotions and to skillfully deal with them.

When our personal or professional relationships hit rough patches our self-awareness can clue us into how we might be contributing to the difficulty at hand. When we’re aware of our reactive and negative patterns we can create environments in which our relationships can thrive. Being on a path of self-evolution better prepares us to successfully meet challenges in life and in relationships. In order to evolve, one must learn.

Through a series of experiential processes and self-assessments the workshop will explore:
• What Does it Mean to Show Up as Your Best Self and What Happens When You Don’t?
• How Do You Want to Show Up?
• How to Create the Transformative Experience of Intimacy, Deepening Connection, and Personal Effectiveness?

As a result of participating in this workshop you will emerge with:
• Understand how to apply Emotional Intelligence tools to manage disruptive emotions in a constructive way.
• A deeper understanding of how to skillfully work with negative and positive triggers to bring out the best in yourself and in your most important relationships
• Enhanced listening and self-management skills

Questions to Ask Yourself:
• Do I find that, despite my best intentions my impact on others is not always what I would like it to be?
• Do I want to make lasting changes in how I relate and communicate in order to do my part in cultivating happy and fulfilling relationships?

If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, you will benefit from this workshop.

This workshop is designed and delivered by Mitchel Groter, CEO of The Quantum Achievement Group