Teams are the force that drive most organizations. Whether it’s a functional team, a team of managers, or a project team, people get most done when they work together effectively. So when members of a team don’t work well together, performance and productivity can suffer.

Have you seen hostility, conflicting goals, or unclear expectations within your teams? These are symptoms of an unhealthy team. To avoid these harmful effects, you need be proactive about improving team performance. Even when a team is meeting its objectives, there’s often room for improvement.

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team can then focus on its real work, and achieve its objectives.

We work with teams who want to:

  • Accelerate productivity and performance
  • Navigate Change more easily & productively
  • Explore and leverage the unique strengths, styles and capabilities of the team
  • Enhance teamwork (communication, emotional intelligence, ability to have difficult conversations, clearer direction or roles)
  • Increase positivity, creativity, and the quality of relationships amongst team members
  • Create a common vision and values framework
  • Expand their leadership capacity and impact
  • The impact of these changes leads to enhanced business and team productivity, positivity and performance.

Team coaching may be appropriate when:

  • New teams are forming (intact, virtual or project teams)
  • New leadership comes on board
  • Project Teams in pre-kickoff, during implementation, or when they hit a roadblock
  • Role Changes are required because of organizational change
  • Teams are operating in silos
  • Virtual Teams exist
  • Organizations wish to be proactive, investing in their teams to keep them at the extraordinary level.