“Take advantage of the life you have”


Mitchel Groter, Founder of Quantum Achievement Group, has over two decades experience in counseling, business coaching, whole-life coaching, professional training, management consulting, and group facilitation. His approach helps people transform relationships in their lives, allowing them to make better business and personal decisions.

Drawing on the vital insights of the world’s wisdom-traditions, his work seeks to nurture the openness and equanimity that arise from authentic insight and self-understanding. His work also draws on disciplines and practices as diverse as transformational psychology, progressive business theories, applied creativity methods, improvisation, art therapy, and metaphysics.

Mitchel develops and teaches powerful, engaging, and no-nonsense processes that help his clients to break down barriers to high performance and organizational health. He translates best practices into immediately usable techniques that help people work together to create a more successful future for themselves and their organizations.



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