Mitchel Groter, Founder of Quantum Achievement Programs, has over two decades experience in counseling, business and life coaching, professional training, management consulting, and group facilitation. His early career in the field of chemical and codependency treatment and education developed his clinical expertise as a group leader, and skills as a trainer and facilitator. He gained foundational skills doing work that continues to inform his coaching with leaders and teams: listening deeply, having hard conversations, and designing exercises that enable people to see clearly and learn effectively and move forward in the direction of what is most important to them and the organizations in which they work.

Mitchel graduated from Coach U, with their CEP designation. Coach U’s training programs are accredited through International Coach Federation. Mitchel is inspired by the rich intellectual traditions of East and West, and and a life-long long immersion in Art, Poetry and Music. Beside his leadership and coaching experience, he has extensive training and education in human development and coaching strategies and techniques.

Mitchel’s non-linear career path has taken him on amazing adventures that constantly required him to adapt to a world of unpredictability and change, giving him the unique blend of skills to see things in multi-dimensional ways. He also worked as a consultative sales professional for leading-edge high-tech systems integrators supporting Disney MGM Studio, Disney Feature Animation, Nickelodeon Studios, Showtime, The Golf Channel, Electronic Arts, Fox Network, and Lockheed Martin. Throughout all his service, work, play, and adventure, he has been driven by one question: How do you unlock a person’s potential?

Drawing on the vital insights of the world’s wisdom traditions, his work seeks to nurture the openness and equanimity that arise from authentic insight and self-understanding. His work also draws on disciplines and practices as diverse as transformational psychology, progressive business theories, applied creativity methods, improvisation, art therapy and metaphysics.

As a change catalyst, Mitchel develops and teaches powerful, engaging, and no-nonsense processes that help his clients to break down or transform barriers to high performance, collaboration, innovation, and organizational health. In addition, he translates best practices into immediately usable techniques that help people work better together to create a more successful future for themselves and their organizations.

As Principal and owner of Quantum Achievement Programs, LLC, Mitchel is committed to bring the very best quality of management consulting, coaching, and personal and professional development services to his clients.