Being in business with your family can be some of the most rewarding work, but there is a lot at stake. If there isn’t a focus on family harmony and a willingness to negotiate, there can be big costs. There are always risks in business, but when family is involved, they are ever increased.

We put together custom retreats for your family business with a focus on:
Authentic Family Interactions: Facilitating long-needed sessions to address and resolve challenges, tensions, or disconnects within the family, and then create a framework of respect and protocols for go-forward interactions
Family Governance: Getting consensus on values, mission, and engagement rules within family leadership; establishing a family constitution, family council, family office, and family committees as the foundation for an enduring, flourishing family
Family Meeting and Retreat Facilitation: Creating a safe, vibrant, intentional, productive, and fun environment for enacting family business and strengthening family bonds