The Power of Awareness &  Rigorous Self Honesty

Awareness is the most powerful tool I’ve seen that offers promise of change and dealing with questions of fear, trust, and control in business in a healthy, constructive way.  When we feel any one of our three essential biological needs are threatened (security and survival,  power,  affection and esteem), we revert to ineffective and negative patterns of thought and behavior. Positive change becomes possible when we become aware of what is happening inside ourselves and how we are interacting with others.

As we start noticing these things, the possibility opens for admitting and expressing truth. We can then learn to deal directly with how these patterns are affecting our work relationships and performance and learn to modify them. This is the personal foundation and catalyst for continued growth, high performance and success for an individual, team or an organization. When we have this awareness we are in a position to progressively achieve a state of self actualization and be catalysts for organizational health and success.

  • Self-actualization refers to actualizing your top skills, capabilities, possibilities, and potentials, it is being the best you can be so that you can be fully alive/fully human and contributing your unique gifts. It is fully functioning as a healthy and inspired human being in all of your relationships, activities, career, habits and life domains.
  • Self-actualization is about refusing to die with your music and gifts still within you. It is actively seeking to develop your talents and cultivating your inner richness. It enables a human being to be at his or her very best and enjoy life fully.