Executive Leadership Retreats & Group Coaching

Who Should Attend: Executives, Partners, Senior Managers, Board Members
Duration: Customizable, 1-3 days
Location: Off-site recommended

An off-site retreat is the perfect forum for senior management to discover opportunities for growth, prioritize company values, and improve team cohesiveness. Participants will leverage this atmosphere to define goals, work through difficult issues, reinforce and learn new communication skills, resolve conflicts, create a vision of the future, and develop the strategies needed to achieve that vision.

Planning and Management
Senior executives need to get away from the everyday demands of the workplace to envision strategies for the growth and future of their organizations. Yet, these everyday demands are exactly what stop many leaders from planning an executive retreat in the first place! We will plan, organize, and manage your off-site strategy session so you and your team can stay focused on running your organization.

Results and Benefits
At the end of your Executive Retreat, participants will have the resources, understanding, and tools to:

  • Unify team members to work toward a common goal
  • Have trusting relationships with their partners
  • Create new opportunities for innovation and sustainable change
  • Develop solid foundations and strategies to build a better future
  • Enhance communication with partners, employees, and clients
  • Make better decisions that focus on shared goals and values