I am attuned to my higher purpose and my life reflects this refinement.

All that I need for my happiness and fulfillment comes to me.

I am in alignment with the source of all creation. I am fully supported, protected and loved.

I open up and allow an infinite stream of well being to flow freely through me and into my life.

I embrace the magic of life. Each day is filled with miracles.

My life is beautiful. And more beauty is revealed to me each day.

Everything I need is here for me right now.

My life is perfectly synchronized. I am in tune with my higher self and with the world around me.

There is an ease and flow to my life that fills my heart with joy.

The Universal Mind is taking care of everything I need.

I invite synchronicity to grace my life with ease, flow and good fortune.

Divine love brings me everything I need to grow, prosper and experience in this moment.

As I open my heart and mind to all that is good I attract great and wonderful experiences to me.